November Community Service: Banish And Transform

Burn What Is Holding You Back



This is your chance to participate in a very special community ceremony meant to banish all the things that have been holding you back!

November has always been a special month for me. This time of the year in general and especially this month has always been the time of the year when I take a good look at life and my goals.

What is holding me back? Where am I sabotaging myself without even realizing it? What am I not willing to acknowledge, that if I acknowledge its existence it would stop hindering me and would start helping me instead? What am I afraid of? What do I want to let go of and not carry into the new year with me?

Why this month specifically?

Because this time of the year is ideal for shadow work and banishing; for burning what doesn't serve us anymore; what is stealing our energy. It is a great time to let go of these things, burn them and re-orient towards all the things we actually want to manifest in our lives.

Most people set New Year resolutions every January 1. But then a month later, they have completely abandoned them.

Banishing and burning what is holding you back now means you're far more likely to finally create that big positive change in the new year that you're hoping for when you make those resolutions in January.

This is why I've decided to offer you a chance to participate in a very special ritual where I will banish and burn what isn't serving you.


  • You feel there are things holding you back and you are struggling to let go of them
  • You have fears and insecurities and you know that if you could somehow let go of or lessen, your life would be much easier and you would be able to do things you can't currently bring yourself to do
  • You experience jealously and envy towards other people who have what you don't and at the same time you can't figure out why they succeeded where you couldn't
  • You just made a life change (changed jobs, left a long-term relationship etc) and you want to clear the emotional and energetic ties to the situation you left behind so that you can move forward
  • You are thinking of making a life change and want to clear the things that are keeping you tied to where you are now, so that you can more easily move forward and make the desired change
  • You want someone else to do magic on your behalf, either as a standalone ritual or as a powerful support to your own magic and spells for the same goals


After signing up, you message me with the list of things you want to let go of.

Those can be anything:

Your fear of public speaking

The emotions you still have towards your ex, even though you are still certain of your choice to break up with them

Your disappointment over all the times you tried to lose weight and failed, or gained it right back

Your belief that you're never going to achieve a specific goal

Anything that you want to break free from

On the day of the ritual, I will print every participant's list. I will anoint each list with appropriate oils, I will offer prayers for breaking the ties to those things and burn the papers in a special banishing fire.

After the ritual has been completed, you will follow the instructions in the PDF you will be provided with after signing up for this ritual. In the PDF, you are going to find instructions on how to support the banishing on your end.

You will also be provided with a very special exercise/meditation I've used many times, that has shifted and transformed things in my life with incredible speed (sometimes within hours!).

This meditation can be used not only to enhance and support the effects of this ritual, but at any point in your life from now on when you want to let go of something, forgive someone shift negative beliefs that are blocking you etc.

This meditation has endless uses and it's truly powerful and extremely effective!


A community service is a service performed for a community of people (instead of performing an individual service for each person). Since it is a community service, you won't be getting a personal report after the completion of the ritual.

Every now and then I will offer a community service to you.

The type of service, the goal of the ritual, the deity as well as the date are carefully selected based on specific signs I receive and after communication with the spirit or deity has taken place and divination has been performed to ensure that providing that particular community service is a good idea on the mundane & magical fond and that the deity is fully behind it.

This means that these services are limited-time offers and I cannot guarantee when or if they will happen again (or whether the purpose will be exactly the same even if they will happen again).

Your Instructor


Hey there! I'm your instructor, Scarlet Grace!

I am a practitioner of magic and the owner of Unseen Seraph, where I publish articles regularly on magic, witchcraft and creating the life you desire!

I've practiced magic in different forms for most of my life.

One thing I learned is that -even though there are tons of resources available on witchcraft and magic today as opposed to the previous decades- new practitioners are often confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting opinions they hear.

In addition to that, many of the resources they find tell them what they should or shouldn't do but not how to apply what they learn to actually achieve practical results in their lives.

My aim is to teach you not just another set of techniques that will collect dust as mere information, but the things that have actually worked best for me AND how to actually apply them in your life to create real change and manifest the life you desire!

Class Curriculum

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