Affirmations To Manifest A Specific Person

Are you looking for the right affirmations to use so that you can manifest your ideal relationship with a specific person FAST?

Then this is what you need!

After popular demand, this is the downloadable version of my Youtube video under the same name!

By purchasing this product you gain access to two different versions of this affirmations session:

The first recording is a looped recording where you get to hear the same set of affirmations 4 times total, making it ideal for use as your morning and before-bed affirmations session recording.

Total time: 17 minutes 27 seconds

The second recording is the same affirmations but the sound volume is much lower and it's looped several more times, making it ideal to play while you sleep. This will allow the affirmations to be planted into your subconscious much more easily, which will help you manifest your desires faster!

Total time: 8 hours 8 minutes 47 seconds

Plus a PDF with all the affirmations from the recording in written form, so that you can say them while listening to the recording if you want, for added potency! (this is obviously recommended only for the first recording, because the long one is meant to be played while you sleep).

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Scarlet Grace
Scarlet Grace

Hey there Superhero!

My name is Scarlet Grace and I am the owner of the Unseen Seraph website and the school attached to it, the Superhero Training Camp.

I love Doctor Who, I hate honey in my dinner and I believe every person is a superhero and every person deserves and can have a life better than their wildest dreams!

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